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一、 load and unload

1、Operators trained and passed the examination should know well about tank's capabilities、safety equipment、attachment formation and operational approach,and understand the basic characteristics of the medium, safety management requirements、fire protection and fire fighting knowledge and strictly implement the relevant safety regulations ,as well as deal with emergency situations.

2、Before tank's first usage, every inspection, and re-used after a long-term go out of use, the interior of the tank and attachment (include pipeline) refer to the inner surface contacted with the medium shall be purged to inert gases (like nitrogen), in case explosion due to the mix of air and medium. When using: after discharge, the pressure shall be kept at more than 0.05MP so that air or other medium can not enter.

3、Operators should in the scene when loading and unloading.

4、Tank’s load shall not more than the maximum designed rate, be measured when loading, no overload of tank.

5、No open flames close to the scene ,tools easy to produce spark should be Prohibited. Lighting appliances with rubber proof can be used only.

6、Stop operation when appear lightning weather、fire、liquid and gas leakage、abnormal hydraulic pressure and other insecurity situations, and must handle it properly.

二、 Transport

1、Tank is supported just by 4 bottom corner fittings when transporting or fixed.

2、Hanged by top fittings vertically using hanger set by hook, shackle or twist-lock.

3、Using the hook suitable for loading and unloading, Hanged by bottom corner fitting into 45°or 90°with the horizontal.

4、Stacked with 192000kg when transported by marine.

5、Fastened by switch lock or corresponding device in four corner fittings when transported on road.


三、 overhaul

Maintenance shall be done after removing medium and making sure the pressure equal to the atmospheric pressure. Clean away all fire goods of the overhaul yard strictly and no smoking. After purging clean air to tank and confirming the content of oxygen is greater than18%, operators can enter the tank and overhaul, with at least one person monitoring the entire process outside the manhole. Any weld shall be certified by the safety supervision department.


四、 Emergency Treatment Measures Of Leakage

1、If appear gas leak during load and discharge , pull on the steel wire rope linked with the valve immediately, until the emergency shut-off valve handle reset and valve closed.

2、The leakage areas are immediately cleared in wind direction and cut off fire.Prevent gas from floating into the areas around the people, and put on protective clothing. Remove the gas and avoid any contaction. Don't directly spray water to the leak things.