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TEL:0086-792-8903190 / 8902555 / 8903998
Foreign Trade Department: 0086-792-8903190 / 8902555
HQ Add:No.27 Shiniu Road, West Port Area, Economic Technology Development Zone, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, People's Republic of China
Air Separation Department:0086-792-8903962 / 8902237

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Jiangxi Oxygen Platn co.,ltd is a large-scale enterprise, founded by Hangzhou Hangyang Limited Company (the biggest air-separation enterprise in China) and Ningbo Huarui Investment Co., Ltd in 2006. The predecessor of JOPM is Jiangxi Oxygen Plant Manufactory established in 1970, was a key enterprise of China Mechanical Industry, National Second Class Enterprise. The company is situated in Jiujiang city, the south bank of the Changjiang River.



JOPM has been approved to design and manufacture A1, A2, C2, C3 products and own the certification of ASME “U” and “U2” Stamp issued by ASME Boiler and Pressurized Container Standard Products. The company and its products are certified by China Classification Society (CCS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Lloyd’s Register (LR) and qualified with China Compulsory Certification (CCC).

Our main products including:

a) ISO T50/T75 tank containers for LNG, LAr, LCO2, LPG, AHF/HF, liquid chlorine, liquid Ammonia, varies of refrigerant gases, and other chemicals etc.

   b) Cryogenic road tank trucks for LNG, LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2, liquid ethylene etc.

   c) Large capacity cryogenic storage tanks

   d) LNG gas station and Liquefied Natural Gas products

   e) Tank truck and storage tanks for LPG, liquid ammonia, propylene  

   f) Air separation plants and a variety of turbo expanders.


JOPM has a long history of pressure vessels’ design and construction since the beginning of the company in 1970, they ever built ISO 20 feet and 40 feet general dry-cargo containers and reefer vans in1980’s-1990’s.


JOPM is the first manufacturer of gas tank in China in 1997, we occupied the most marketing shares of AHF and refrigerant gas tanks in domestic market, in recent years, JOPM developed various kinds of T75 cryogenic tanks, including 40 feet LNG tank containers.


Our main equipment and facilities: tank container testing platform, NC plasma cutter, large chamfering machine, large bending roll machine, Plasma straight seam and circumferential seam welding machines, Electric annealing furnace, PLC controlling vacuumed chamber, CNC machine center, strain hardening experiment, imported Helium detector mass analyzer, etc.


The main customers of JOPM include: NRS, Dakin, Blue Express (Japan), BNF(Singapore), Sinochem etc for tank containers; Linde, Messer, Praxair etc for cryogenic road tanks.


The goal and operation philosophy of JOPM is to manufacture and supply high quality products to satisfy the requirement of the customers, and promote the social development.